Get to Know Us




Fine Tune Pilates is nestled deep in Toronto’s West End, in Roncesvalles Village. It is a community filled with families and hard working entrepreneurs who value a healthy lifestyle. Fine Tune’s M.O. is to create a space for people in the neighbourhood to exercise in a way that supports their unique lifestyle. Fine Tuning your body is about learning how to do something good for yourself. It's about developing a knowledge of how your body moves, and how to feel your finest each and everyday.

Our method

At Fine Tune Pilates we have hand-selected a team of knowledgeable, and professional instructors. Instead of a one-size-fits-all workout, our instructors will ask you, “what does your body need today?”

We love to cater sessions to your specific lifestyle needs. If you are a contractor and have used and abused your body over the years, your sessions may be about increasing mobility so you can manage pain at work. If you’re two months post-partum, you may feel lost when getting back into exercise, and feel like your body doesn’t quite feel the same as it did a year ago. We want to teach hard working people how to move better every day and support new moms in rebuilding their core, so you look and feel strong.  By catering to the individual, rather than a cookie-cutter goal, the changes you’ll feel in your body are life-long.


Solo Pilates

Our most popular way to feel your finest. In this 60min session get the benefit of working one-on-one with an experienced instructor who will cater the session to your specific goals and body needs. There is no cheating when you work solo with an instructor watching your every move. Get ready to strengthen, align, and balance your way to a better bod.

DUET Pilates

In this 60min session bring a friend, spouse, or family member, and make a commitment to getting stronger together!